things i would rather do than go to school tomorrow

  • anything

even become meguca?


time for school

you sure you want to go to school?


i guess youre stuck at home

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A lot of people are posting about Five Nights at Freddy’s but I think we’re all missing the most fucked up part of this God Forsaken game.  

For 5 nights of work, six hours each, with a job description that basically amounts to “Don’t die at the hands of a bunch of deranged Chuck E Cheese character knock offs” 

They pay you $120

For the most stressful, life-threatening 30 hours of your life

They pay you one hundred and twenty dollars

You are making four dollars an hour

If you beat the sixth night (which is incredibly difficult) you get fifty cents overtime


please unmute this vine

breaking bad + tumblr text posts (1/?)

all caps aside from the second one from x

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so depressing

Hahaha nah fuck off OP that costume has existed since super metroid and is just zero suit before zero suit became a thing that exists.

People have pointed out that the outfit isn’t actually even accurate to the source image. It’s gone from what is sort of a tanktop to a sports bra. Which is…concerning?

you sure

not sure if I’m feelin that brah

like they even get the red lines down for he orange costume holy shit im just now noticing that

Youd think people would at least play the games before complaining, but nah

samus once wore a 90s two piece swimsuit that was more revealing than what we’re even looking at here.

stupid mother fuckers on tumblr.

I still don’t get why we need Zero Suit Samus in Smash Bros. Was talking to a friend about this this morning, he pointed out the whole point of her being in the zero suit is that she’s vulnerable, not able to fight well. That whole portion of the game adds tension because of the added danger due to you not being able to fight.

So the fact she’s now put in a fighting game… makes very little sense.

this is a game series in which captain falcon can fight bowser with a lightsaber on top of giant moving pokemon.

Samus can wear a sports bra and short shorts to a battle and still kick major nintendass and if you disagree I will fight you on the side of the street


Five Nights at the Krusty Krab

My first, last and only contribution to this fandom.

Give me the formuoli


Five Nights at the Krusty Krab

My first, last and only contribution to this fandom.

Give me the formuoli


This is still one of the most perfect adaptations ever made

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He did it.